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Seller Assist Programs for Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra Beach and surrounding areas.

۩  Paper Work only Program

You found a buyer after a lot of effort and now you do not know the next step in the sale process.  This happens a lot so your are not alone.  Bring your buyer into our office and we will write up the purchase agreement, we will handle all the paperwork and oversee the sale through to closing.  We will take care of everything for a low flat fee.  Call us for more information or email us at: helen@nuagerealestate.net.

۩  Marketing Directly to Buyers program

In this program we will assist you in marketing to buyers.  This means that you are opting out on marketing to real estate agents (the MLS).  Although, the MLS is a powerful tool it may not be necessary to use this tool to sell your home.  Depending on the market conditions in your area this may be a reasonable and cost efficient way of selling your home.

How does it work?  We market to buyers and not to MLS agents by using the following tools:

  • Strategically pricing your property by using a CMA to establish market value
  • Advertising in appropriate publications
  • Inclusion on this web site, as well as many others  
  • For Sale Sign in front of your property
  • Promotional Fliers
  • E-Mail Notices
  • Advise you on preparing your home for sale and staging strategies
  • Arrange showings for prospect buyers when situation arises
  • Secure feed-back from prospect buyers and report findings back to you
  • Discuss other marketing strategies and options with you 
  • Monitor advertising responses and evaluate advertising program
  • Word of mouth; if you find the buyer will lower the fee by 10%
  • Ultimately we offer an MLS option if necessary
  • We negotiate the sales contract and oversee the closing process

Any more questions?  Call us for more information or email us at: helen@nuagerealestate.net.

۩  Traditional Real Estate Services

The traditional real estate services can range from 4.5% to 6% commission.  However, for those of you who give our marketing directly to buyers program a try, we offer a discount and charge 4.5% commission.  For details of our services go to our marketing plan page.




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