Save Your Furniture From fire Damage

(09/10/2013) Wood furniture’s are harder to save than plywood furniture. The wood furniture’s take the damage mos. Your furniture’s can be all gone on the fire in the blink of an eye. A teacher from my school had the same problem. Her house didn’t have any insulation installed properly. It also didn’t have any fire escape. The furniture’s of the house only had much value. So, he did something to preserve hem from fire. What he first did is to install a fire extinguisher on both the top and bottom level of the house.

After that, he installed fire alarm on his house. The fire alarm was connected to the nearby fire station.

His main fear was that his precious showhome furniture will be burned down before he knew it. Fire did happen, but his house and furniture was saved from the fire. His prelusions paid off. He was in the house when the fire started. The fire was starting to spread. So, he took the extinguisher and used it on the fire. The alarm already alerted the fire station.

They came few minutes later. The fire didn’t spread much. It was eventually extinguished by the fire station. They also help extinguish the source of the fire. The house was a bit damaged. But, that was nothing compared to heat could have happened. All the furniture’s where safe and sound.


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