Real Estate and the SEO advantage

In the real estate industry there is a hidden secret that many real estate agents have no idea about. In todays online market 92% of future home buyers and sellers use online to find or sell a home before talking to a realtor. This means all of these potential clients are using realtors websites and potentially putting in their contact info waiting for someone to call them and give them the info they need. Once an agent gets that contact info they are right on the phone hopping to make them a new client.

So how can you make your site the one these people go to? The secret is SEO. If you are on top of the search engines for keywords associated with these niche markets. If you can dominate a local  market it will build your name as a brand. People will soon associate your name with the niche markets they see you online for. Also they will recognize your photo because they will visit your website before most of the time talking to an agent. In future articles we will go over website structure and the importance of lead capture.

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