Fire Damage Can Change Your Life Forever

Fire is not something to play with. This is a wise words from wise people. Some people follow it some don’t. But, this is a true facts. You should never play with fire just for the fun of of my friends didn’t heed that warning. He strayed wait from this wise word and played with fire.

My friend was always fascinated with fire. From when he was small, he was always going around scaring people with fire. He was also very bold. He once told me fire enchanted him like no other. He said that fire always took his breath way. He was always doing tricks with fire. He was recognized all over the town for being fire boy. Eventually, he started learning tricks from professional workers. The workers where very through with teaching him all they knew. He decided to become a fire dancer and performer. After graduating from high school, he joined an entertainment group. From there, he became a professional performer.

But, his luck with fire didn’t last long. Over the years, he performed on many coactions. On one of his jobs something went wrong. When he was performing, fire got out of hand. The fire was very hot and it spreader all over his hand. His whole hand was on fire. He tried to put it out by emerging his hand on a nearby water barrel. The fire did extinguish but the damage is already done. His hand was durned very badly. They call ado core immediately. The doctored came in and inspected his injury. He told them to take him the hospital immediately.

Although he was treated, his hands nerves were damaged. He couldn’t move his hand without feeling pain even after recovery. Doctors said that pain will g way the pain did go way, but the scares and damage still remained. His career as performer was finished for life. He could never perform any kind of act again. This was the single most devastating storm on my life and I want to make sure that didn’t ever again happen to anybody and I am now working as the fire chief in my county and I am also travelling around the place and also the whole country teaching people the way to make the house more secure to fire and I think they really take my words into action and they think on it and make sure that there are no way you are going to have to suffer through what I have suffered through in the childhood and I cannot even dream of a family being devastated like that.



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