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Jacksonville Florida Real Estate

If you are moving into north Florida or specifically into Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra Beach or surrounding areas we are happy to welcome you into these magnificent areas of Florida.    If you are a local thank you for staying in our area.  If you are seeking a knowledgeable real estate agent them we are here to help you with your real estate purchase.

We have provided some interesting tools above and we have included information on schools, local utility companies, and information on the national real estate market and the latest news about the real estate market climate in Florida (found in the bottom section of our home page).

Also take a look at our real estate buyer advice and tips listed in our link above.

Whether new into our area or a local of northeast Florida let us take a moment and mention some of the housing choices available in the area. 

New or old real estate?

As a new resident (or local resident) when looking for a home you will have a choice of a new of an older residence.  Each has advantages and disadvantages.  An older house is likely to be in a neighborhood whose character is already established, where landscaping has had time to mature and where flaws in construction may have become apparent.  You will find excellent bargains in "fixer uppers."  Sometimes listed as "handyman's specials or investment property" through Jacksonville and surrounding areas. 

New houses, will of course, reflect contemporary styles and contain more modern conveniences.  Many new homes are in developer build communities.

House or Condo?

Another important consideration is whether you prefer a house or a condominium.  Again there are advantages and disadvantages.  Remember, when you buy into a condominium building you also assume obligations and responsibilities, many beyond your control.  For instance, you have the responsibility of using common areas in a considerate manner.  You will not be responsible for maintaining or improving common areas.  Your responsibility is to maintain and decorate the inside of your particular unit.  However, you will not be allowed to construct new walls or tear down walls or make any structural changes.  You are only free to decorate your condominiums inner space. 

As a condominium resident you pay a monthly fee for the upkeep of the building and the surrounding landscape and common facilities.  Some older condominiums have been well kept others are in much need of maintenance because maintenance was deferred for years.

You should know all you can about a building in which you are thinking of buying a condominium.  Ask to see the notes taken during condominium owner and management meetings in order to see what was discussed and what maintenance is considered pending.  In addition, take a look at the maintenance books and see how money allocated for maintenance has been used over the years.  Another idea is to consider new condominium buildings, but remember prices are usually higher for new construction. 

Home buyers need to decide if they would like to buy into neighborhoods with homeowner associations or in open neighborhoods.  There are advantages and disadvantages.  Remember, that home owner associations are created to maintain neighborhood home values.  In that effort many restrictive rules and regulations are created and home owners need to abide by them in order to live in peace within the neighborhood. 

Some home owners find homeowner associations too restrictive and the fees too expensive.  If you are one of these home buyers then you may have to look at open neighborhoods.  However, keep in mind that just like you the other individuals in these open neighborhoods have freedoms to do things that can affect everybody's property value.

Planned Communities and Golf  Course Communities:

Some are communities of developer build individual homes; others are duplexes or triplexes.  Many contain only manufactured homes or double-wide mobile homes.  Most have swimming pools, clubhouses and other amenities.

Fortunately, you do not have to belong to an expensive country club to live on or near  beautiful greens and open spaces of a golf course.  Many communities-- even some with very modest prices-- have been developed around golf courses.

What about manufactured and mobile homes?

There are many pleasant communities of manufactured homes (also called modular or prefabricated homes) and there are communities of mobile homes-- mobile only in the sense that they were towed to the site-- throughout Jacksonville and surrounding areas.  Many are beautifully landscaped with swimming pools, club houses, golf courses, bike trails, and other amenities.  Some are located on lakes or rivers and a few of the most desirable front the Atlantic Ocean.  Just as with condominiums, you will want to look carefully at all of the covenants, restrictions, and financial obligations before settling on property in such a community.


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