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Our mission.

NŪ AGE Realty is committed to excellence.  Our goal is to help you the seller and/or buyer reach your quest for success in the real estate selling or purchasing process.  Our dynamic agents are confident, ambitious, dedicated and focused on obtaining  your home selling or purchasing goals.  Simply put, your success is our success!

We represent buyers and sellers in the home-selling process.  In order to offer the best service our personnel is well versed in the Jacksonville and surrounding area's demographicsmarket climate, real estate law, financing, government programs and housing law. 

Our real estate commitment to sellers.

We understand the home selling process.  Like any product sold out in the market your home or real estate property must have marketing efforts behind it.  We provide marketing solutions for the sale of your home.  Our agents facilitate the transaction for home sellers by helping them market their homes either by using flat fee MLS options, seller assist programs or by offering full real estate services  In addition, we network with other brokers  to expedite the sale, we offer feedback services, customization of marketing programs, we target those specific buyers interested in property like yours and we do not stop there.  Since, we are committed to selling your property we offer on-going marketing efforts until your property is sold.  For information on the services and products  we offer please see our seller assist programs, flat MLS options and marketing tools detailed on the "Sellers" page (hot link) above. 

Furthermore, we know that sellers desire to get the best price for their home.  We price your home right at the market value.  Nothing makes buyers run faster than an overpriced home.  We then negotiate on your behalf with buyers and/or their agents for the best price possible if not the asking price.  In an effort to expedite the selling process we only work with qualified buyers.

We realize that commitment to an agent or broker is only as strong as the service that he or she gives you.  In an effort to keep our customers happy it is our bound commitment to look after the seller's best interest throughout the transaction to its completion.  We do not believe in listing homes, we sell homes.

Our real estate commitment to buyers.


As a buyer you probably want to know what we as a broker can do for you. 

We help our buyers by assisting them in finding the right home  at the right price.  In addition, we offer "exclusive buyer brokerage services" at no cost to you.  As your exclusive broker we protect your interest.  The most important service we will provide you is our experience in negotiating.  Offering a low purchase price for a home is one strategy but not always the best strategy.  Sometimes this strategy will polarize negotiations.  Remember everything is negotiable!  We are here to point out better possibilities that can save you money.  We are committed to using our experience gained through hundreds of successful negotiations for your benefit.  In addition our services include:

☺  Helping you get financing and determine how much home you can purchase. 

☺  Educate you on available financing.

☺  Provide you with current market conditions (see example of Florida's market news found on the bottom of our home page).  This information is crucial during negotiations.

☺  We seek out potential homes for you after listening to your requirements.

☺  We can act as your representative in executing inspections.

☺  We assist you in establishing a fair market value for a the home of your choice.  It is important that you never overpay.

☺  We assist you in drafting a purchase offer.  Wording means everything in a contract!

☺  We deliver as many offers to the seller or seller's agent as you desire.

☺  We attend the closing with you and follow up with you after the purchase. 

For details on what we offer our home buyers please visit our "Buyers" page to find the large amount of information we have collected there to help you with your purchase decision.


Whether you are in the market buying or selling property we are ready to help you with the real estate selling or purchase process and we thank you for considering us during these very important events.


Contact:  helen@nuagerealestate.net


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